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Printed 1 side (Included)
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Glossy 200m paper (100lbs text)
14 Pt. Cardboard
11 x 17
10.5" x 16.5"
12 x 18
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No Color Proof (approved online)

Coating: Matte Varnish (Included)

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16 PTS Cardboard
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Glossy 5m on 2 Sides
Glossy 5m on 2 Sides
Matt 1.7 on 2 Sides
UV 1 side

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Template Guides

12" X 18" (PDF)Download
11" X 17" (PDF)Download

Template Guide Explanation

Important: Sizes used in this illustation are for demonstration only.


What payment methods do you offer?


We accept the following credit cards:

• Visa 
• MasterCard
• American Express


It is possible to send us prepaid amounts in increments of $500. They will be kept in your account as a credit notes to be utilized when placing orders. Every time an order is placed, it will be charged against the balance in the account.

Processing time


Processing time for an item is the time from when you submit your order to when the item leaves the warehouse.


* Be advised that if you request a Color proof or a file verification, this will affect the production date.

Shipping time


Shipping time is from when the item leaves the warehouse to when it arrives at your door.

We ship to US and Canada.


* Be advised that our arrival dates on our website are approximate.

Their can be a 24-48 hour delay on the arrival date.


Shipping Services


The following sevices are available

• Fedex Ground. Cheapest service. Delivery time is between 2-8 days.

 (continental USA, hawaii and alaska) (Continental Canada)

• Fedex 2 Days. Delivered in 2 business days.

• Fedex Express. Next day delivery.


*These services are ONLY for the shipping days and not the production dates.


Shipping Prices


Shipping prices are calculated by the weight, quantity and destination of the order. You can use the Get Estimated Time of Arrival button when ordering to know the shipping cost.


-Please note that all prices are calculated by Federal Express


Will I receive another proof?


By approving the order and artwork through our “Online Design Center”, all orders will be confirmed before going into production.

 * PrintMeCards cannot be held responsible for artwork for which customer’s approval has already been received. All customer orders will be printed exactly as they appear when created and approved. Once the order has been placed, changes cannot be made. More information.


What happens when I have requested a modification and will I need to approve the order again?


When a modification is requested, the graphic design team will execute the modification and send you an e-mail to obtain your approval, before going into production.

A modification entitles you to perform any of the following:
• Change or customize the text or layout of the text
• Change or add more than one photo, or logos
• Resize photos smaller or larger
• Add required information


All pre-designed templates cannot be customized. If you wish to have a template redesigned or images changed, it will be understood by all as a creation process of customized artwork. Additional fees will apply accordingly.  If you request us to research, look for pictures or redo any logos, additional fees will apply accordingly.

PrintMeCards cannot be held responsible for artwork having already received customer’s approval. All customer orders will be printed exactly as they appear when created and approved. Further changes cannot be made.


Further, please note that PrintMeCards does not cover the following:


*Spelling, punctuation or grammatical errors made by customer. We do not correct or translate.
* Uploaded images bearing inferior quality or low-resolution.
*Design errors introduced by the customers.
*Errors in user-selected options, such as choice of finish, quantity or product type.
*Damages to products occurring after delivery to customers.

Confirmation of artwork is required, before any order can be processed. 


Can I receive a hard color proof?


If you would like to receive a hard color proof of your product before your order is produced and shipped, simply order the hard color proof when choosing options when you place your order. 


All hard proofs will be sent out by mail or FedEx, and approval must be confirmed, before the order may be processed into production.


 *Please note that production delays for your order will be incurred, while waiting for your confirmation of approval.


What do I need to know when uploading my own files?


When preparing your files you must insure that all files are within our established guidelines. 



You will need to go on our Website and log into “My account” (top right) to reorder the same products.


If you are ordering the same products with some modifications, you may send us your request  by e-mail. 

How does the order process work?


When submitting your order, it will first go to the payment process. Once payment has been approved, your order will go directly to production.


If you have submitted modifications requiring the assistance of a graphic designer, a proof will be sent to you by e-mail within 24-36 hours; it will require you to send your approval confirmation. Without this confirmation your order will not go into production.


How can I track my order?


The status of your order will be sent to you automatically. You will receive an e-mail advising of the order status. You will also be able to view the status of your order when logging into your account by clicking on Sign In to the top-right of the page.